Powertrains consist of a motor, battery, and an inverter which converts battery energy from DC to AC for the motor, controls motor speed and captures energy from regenerative braking to recharge the battery.

Havelaar eliminates the need for heavy, bulky and expensive on-board chargers.

  • Less weight leads to better driving performance

  • Fewer parts for greater reliability

  • Lower cost is critical for the mass-market

  • More space for design flexibility

simpler design saves up to $2,000 per vehicle

THE powertrain reimagined


Drive Farther

Longer range: Up to 12% FartheR

• Improved driving efficiency through Havelaar’s H-150 Inverter
• Better energy-capture to recharge batteries through braking



Charge Faster

UP to 6x

Havelaar charges up to 6 times faster than existing technologies.*

*Compared to Tesla Model 3 on-board charging.