THE powertrain Explained

Powertrains consist of a motor, battery, and an inverter which:

• converts battery energy from DC to AC for the motor
• controls motor speed
• captures energy from regenerative braking to recharge the battery

All existing electric vehicles require heavy, bulky and expensive on-board chargers.


THE powertrain reimagined

Havelaar eliminates the need for on-board chargers.

less weight leads to better driving performance
fewer parts leads to improved reliability
lower cost is critical for the mass-market
more space for new technologies


Longer range: Up to 12% Farther

• Improved driving efficiency through Havelaar’s H-150 Inverter
• Better energy-capture to recharge batteries through braking


FASTER Charging: UP to 6x

Havelaar charges up to 6 times faster than existing technologies (Compared to Tesla Model 3 on-board charging).



Havelaar has built Canada’s first EV pickup truck: Currently, using The Bison pickup as a platform to help develop our technologies.

Stay tuned for more good news about Bison.